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Pre-Start Up Teams


Early funding

  • Identify gaps which need to be filled prior to attracting investors

  • Develop and execute a plan to become investor ready.

  • Develop and execute a funding round.

Market assessment

  • Determining and validating the value proposition.

  • Analysis of competitive offerings.

  • Quantification of amenable market.

  • Development of revenue forecasts.

Regulatory clearance

  • Determination of regulatory path.

  • Determination of test plan.

  • Implementation of design controls.

Some opportunities are beyond the concept stage but still missing a few elements required to “stand up a company” and successfully attract investor funding.


We can lead or support company development including:

  • Company formation

  • Commercialization plan and pitch deck

  • Preparation of non-dilutive grant applications

  • Assembly of management team

  • Assembly of advisory board

  • Negotiation of technology license and Investment agreements.

  • Raising early dilutive funding.


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