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A concept is commercially valuable only if it addresses a problem in a way that is superior to alternatives and satisfies multiple stakeholders involved in its purchase and use. A value proposition needs early validation as it is critical to attract funding and focusing development activities.



Market assessment

  • Determining and validating the value proposition.

  • Analysis of competitive offerings.

  • Quantification of amenable market.

  • Development of revenue forecasts.


To develop a market assessment we generally take the following steps:

  • We engage with key stake holders such as physicians, nurses, Value Analysis Committees (VACs), dentists etc. and develop insight into their unmet needs, decision making, and available alternatives.

  • We couple this insight with Intellectual property assessment, analysis of product use economics and determine if the concept offers value.

  • Once the value proposition had been determined we use the insights developed and secondary research to develop a quantified estimate of the amenable market generally from the “ground up”.

  • If the original value proposition is not validated we are often able to identify an alternative proposition which can be pivoted to.

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